lost & found

lost & found :writings from scattered thoughts, memories and imaginations of all kinds

West 35th Street Sequence

west 35th street - the traffic roars - the traffic exhales - the lion - the pedestrians - the town mice - getting into the habit - another dead end - another drug - it into us - us into it - west 35th street - the traffic jumps the pedestrian feast - the tar warms up - smell of exhaust - it into us - us into it - west 35th street - another drug - across the street - another dead end - across the store - advertisings foster - the pedestrians - the town mice - another drug - the traffic robs the pedestrian's feast - west 35th street


a new dream for Maureen

- Hello,  How you doin’ ?  

- -

- Oh well me, yeah, no problems.  The snow and the winter, that doesn’t bother me.  Uh ?

- -

- Quite a bit.  Uh, we don’t see the house across the street, the Trinckett’s.  

- -

- No it’s not windy, it’s swirling flurries, you say ?  

- -

- Na, not anymore, only during the summer.  

- -

- If i still remember in the springtime, yeah, for sure, wi…

- -

- With pleasure even, I’ll tell ‘em !  Of course they will, they’ll remember you !  I don’t wanna take much of your time, but if you’ve got a few minutes, I got a new dream for you.  That’s why I’m calling you again this week.  

- -

- I think that you’re goin’ to like this one, but I don’ know what you’ll be  able to get out of it.  Have you got the time ?  It’s a fully detailed one, this one.  



Soaring Through Slits

the sky descends between buildings, behind cars, behind trees.  a silent shroud upon the face of those dying.  the fear ; although again, this is then the better time :  the lively spirit awakes, gathers it's power, it's speed, ascends in spirals and volutes, soaring through slits.